Trizac Abu Dhabi completed its operations with the warehousing and logistics facility in the Mussafah Industrial area. The warehouse is designed for hazardous chemical and general storage, as well as for light industrial use.

The facility is fully functional and provides needed support for all divisions operation. Strategically located in Musaffah industrial area is an important factor in the company’s overall operation. Our warehousing and logis­tics competencies are a segment that set us apart from the rest of the competition. It not only ensures that the much-needed products reaches customers at the right time and place, but also allows for storage up special chemicals that can be provided to customers f or spot delivery.

We are confident that the warehousing and logistics facility will positively contribute to the efficient delivery of products and services to our customers. Our staff is experienced and Certified to deal with the chemicals we handle. The store is fully approved by the environmental agency and compliant with the civil defense regula­tions.