Management Board

The Trizac story brings enthusiastic beginning, great plans, wishes and ambitions...

Since its establishment the company followed a dynamic approach. It followed the market needs and trends. When established back in 1985, it was dealing with the upstream products. As the oil and gas industry develop­ment more in the UAE, the company approach changed and started dealing with more advanced technologies for efficient and safer oil and gas operation.

It continues with the need of overcoming huge challenges within the industry, some of them unpredictable, but faceable…Years of success, a lot of dedication and long hours of work, a team work, cooperation and support from our partners, company principles and our most valuable customers that stand behind everything….

The company headquarters is located in Al Otaiba Towers in the capital with its warehouse faculties at the Mus­safah Industrial Area.

The company is fully owned by Mr. Ahmed Bin Khalaf Al Otaiba.

Under the dynamic leadership of its chairman and supported by the management, staff and line members, the company is growing with every challenge.